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Young and Diverse MBEs in Today’s Tech Space – Peter Vazquez

One thing that today’s young entrepreneurs may understand more than any other generation is the power of communication. Connecting with the customer base is a major key to success. Companies have to know how to connect, including knowing what communication channels to take advantage of. This is something that Peter Vazquez understands; especially since he is the CEO of Brand Echo Media Solutions—a company that helps others do exactly that.

How to Create a Winning Capability Statement

If your company is planning to do business with a government agency or a large corporation, a capability statement is absolutely crucial to the success of your bid. Capability statements are intended to showcase your company’s abilities and what it is that sets you apart from your competition. However, your capability statement needs to actually be read for this to happen. Far too often, poorly written and formatted statements get overlooked. Before your company can stand apart from the rest, your capability statement must do the same. Here are 4 key areas to consider before you get started.

How Your Company’s Marketing is Going to Be Affected by Google’s New Algorithm

As a company constantly trying to get as much exposure as possible online, it is pivotal that you remain updated with every tweak Google makes to its search engine. Google is the starting point of the vast majority of Internet users out there. The way in which users interact with the search engine has remained pretty constant over the past decade or so, but the way Google connects users to results has been due to algorithm changes. The Google algorithm is what connects users to certain search results and they are it again with their latest update, this time targeting the mobile arena.

PRESS RELEASE: Peter Vazquez Joins the Board of Directors at the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MHCC)

DETROIT, MI, February 19, 2014 — Peter Vazquez, CEO of Brand Echo Media Solutions, was elected to join to the Board of Directors at the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (MHCC). “The appointment of Peter Vazquez to the Board of Directors shows the diversity and growth of our organization. The Board continues to find new ways to incorporate new leadership into the membership and expand the depth and breadth of the organization,” says Gary Gonzalez, Chairman, Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “The new board members represent a variety of corporate industries and each brings with them a unique and strategic vision of the future for the Chamber.”

Why business owners need to make time for Google Plus

After 2 years of its launch and the company’s shares reaching over $1,000 for the first time in recent weeks, many companies are spearheading the use of Google Plus for business to expand their marketing footprint. As a business owner and manager, it is time to re-evaluate your SEO strategy and pay special attention to your Google Plus presence. This giant social media network has more than 500 million users, more than one million business pages, and can add a 10-15% increase in referral traffic, besides boosting your keywords rankings.

Resources for New Hispanic Businesses in the Detroit Metro Area

Launching a business at any time can be a daunting task, not to mention during today’s economic climate. Fortunately for local entrepreneurs, Detroit is home to many initiatives designed to foster business growth and opportunity. These organizations can help you connect with these initiatives and the business resources you need to help your business succeed.

Selling to Telling: Marketing Now

There was a time when brands assumed the only way to engage with potential customers was to attempt to sell them a product or service. However, when the Internet arrived, it brought with it an entire new paradigm for sales. Individuals and companies that were observant quickly adapted to the new way of marketing, while those that had less vision found themselves quickly losing out to the competition.

PRESS RELEASE: Peter Vazquez Awarded 2012 “Entrepreneur Of The Year” By The Michigan Hispanic Chamber Of Commerce

Minority and Veteran Businessman Uses New Paradigms to Reach Audiences Through Innovative Online Approach DETROIT, MI (Dec 11, 2012) — Peter Vazquez, CEO of Brand Echo Media Solutions, was named, 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Entrepreneur of the Year award is given to business owner who has […]