To demonstrate Brand Echo’s committment to providing their clients with relevant and engaging content for their audience, the following video is an interview between our client, the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerceand General Motors. GM is currently a corporate sponsor of the MHCC and also holds a seat on the chamber’s Executive Board.

One on One Video interview with the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and General Motors

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Here is a recap of the video interview with Camilo Suero, Executive Director of the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently and Reginald E. Humphrey, Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity at General Motors Global Purchasing & Supply Chain. In their conversation, Brand Echo captured Reggie discussing the success in Supplier Diversity at General Motors and the impact of driving ideas that benefit their customers, employees, communities, suppliers and dealers.

They also discussed the following topics:

  • GM’s Success in Supplier Diversity & the Impact of Driving Ideas
  • Value Propositions & Differentiators: The Importance of Knowing Where You Fit as a Supplier within GM’s Diversity program
  • How to Achieve Long-term Success as a Supplier
  • Understanding GM’s 5 Point Supplier Development Program

Here is a little secret you probably will not notice by watching the video, but believe it or not, this video was shot at two different times. Due to Reggie’s busy schedule and eliminating the need to schedule an entire day of production, Brand Echo first recorded Reggie and shortly after, recorded Camilo.