Get to Know Brand Echo

Brand Echo Media Solutions was started in order to fill a void in the marketing industry. The company’s primary goal is to provide a one-stop solution of agency level services that focus on helping companies of all sizes to target their ideal customer using interactive and social Internet marketing strategies and solutions.

Brand Echo’s philosophy begins with a very simple formula to achieve success in this ever changing marketplace:

Engagement + Delivery + Monitoring = SUCCESS!

Who We Are

AboutUs_Peter_A_Vazquez_JrPeter Vazquez is the C.E.O of Brand Echo Media Solutions, a Minority and Veteran owned Interactive Advertising Agency. Peter is a seasoned, reputable and highly experienced Internet Marketing Executive with a proven record of creativity, technical knowledge, and a solid list of accomplishments. He is dedicated to increasing his client’s brand reputation and brand awareness by using his many years of experience on the web and providing interactive media solutions that have been proven to drive results.

Mr. Vazquez stands out above the rest in this industry with a degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University–a pioneering achievement in a truly 21st Century field that demands rigorous know-how and expertise. He has applied his mastery of Internet Marketing to developing contemporary tools and methodologies for companies and individuals in search of effective solutions that achieve online marketing goals in the most efficient, fully-integrated methods. Most importantly,  the results achieved allow Brand Echo’s client’s to quickly see a rapid return of their investment.

With every potential client that Mr. Vazquez meets, he explains, “the Internet has changed how companies do business and consumers have also changed how they buy products and services.  Our clients soon discover that having a static website is simply not enough in today’s marketplace.   Companies must now be in tune with their website visitors, use the data that is collected and reach out to them by providing relevant in this competitive online marketplace.”

In an environment such as today’s Internet culture, consumers are continuously searching to access information freely that will aid them in their online decision and purchasing process, when they are doing approximately 80-90% of their purchasing online..

Why We Are Different

Unless a company is willing to hire a full staff of experienced marketing professionals or have a budget equal to a Fortune 500 company, many of the strategies needed to interactively communicate with consumers are never implemented and a company ceases to grow.

Brand Echo’s priority is to discover and understand each client’s objectives.  Listening and discovering key facts about the client will result in providing our core service of developing creative strategies and interactive media solutions for the web.

We are a minority and veteran owned full-service interactive advertising agency providing a one-stop solution for discovering target audiences, online strategies, and the development of inbound, Email, SEO, PPC and website solutions.